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More than just a law firm. We're your family office.
Serving all of North Dakota and Minnesota

We are a boutique estate and business planning law firm concentrating in the interconnected practice areas of wills, trusts, and charitable planning, probate and trust administration, real estate and business planning. We take pride in working with clients who seek one-on-one legal services in a non-corporate, small firm environment. Sandin Law fills the gap between the general-practitioner and the downtown law firm.

Our clients come to us from all over North Dakota and Minnesota and have diverse backgrounds, family structures, financial circumstances, and goals. They are great people with whom we enjoy developing friendly, lasting relationships.

We love working with farming families and family-owned businesses to assist them with their ongoing legal needs, including their estate planning, but also their business succession plans. We are honored to work with multiple members and generations in the same family. It is comforting to those families knowing that we intend to be here to guide their children and the next generations after they are no longer here.

We are here to help you personally understand and navigate the complexities of the legal and tax system without being condescending or unaffordable. You want someone who understands what it’s like to be a parent, start a business, lose a family member, operate a family farm, or plan for the future of a business, family, school or community. You will find that and more, in a friendly small-town atmosphere, with Sandin Law.

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