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Real Estate Overview

At Sandin Law, our attorneys and paralegals were raised by entrepreneurial parents, growing up in either farming families or small business/commercial real estate focused families, so we have a solid understanding of what those clients needs are when it comes to real estate matters.

Real estate work at Sandin Law can look very different from client to client. Depending upon the client, the needs and goals may be different, but whatever types of client we are working with, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist them with their real estate matters.

We work with clients who are commercial real estate developers on commercial and multi-family real estate purchase agreements and the related due diligence, property development agreements, variances and easements, various forms of lease agreements, as well as assist with property management agreements.

In many cases, we assist our clients with the entity creation for the ownership of different developments and buildings for liability protection purposes, but we do so from the vantage point of an estate planning attorney and tax advisor. We assist with the transfer of real estate between parties, closing document review, 1031 advice, and arrangements for co-ownership, including the drafting of tenant-in-common agreements.

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Farming Clients

When it comes to our farming clients, we assist with purchase agreements between neighbors, relatives and others for the purchase and sale of farmland, leases of farmland under various forms of lease arrangements, such as cash rent or crop share agreements, among others, as well as assist with the creation of new entities to hold real estate for farm succession purposes.

We work with clients in North Dakota and Minnesota; therefore, we are knowledgeable of the anti-corporate farming laws in both states, as well as the Minnesota Qualified Farm (and Small Business) Deduction from a Minnesota state estate tax perspective.

We consider all aspects of the ownership of real estate when it comes to our clients who own real estate and their succession plans.

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