Message from Toni

"Life may change us, but we start and end with family."
Dear clients, partners, and friends,

In 2009, I left a large, international firm to start my own practice, so that I could serve clients with the attention, customer service, and small-town principles they deserve at a world-class level, but not at world-class rates.  I started my practice working with some of the best attorneys in the area.  I grew up in an entrepreneurial family who made the focus of our family each other, so estate and business succession planning comes natural to me.  As for my paralegals, and Kristen, the other attorney at Sandin Law, they all grew up in farming families, so they have taught me a lot from their upbringing, but also bring a great perspective to the table in each farm-family situation.

My dad, who was a very hardworking, family-centered entrepreneur, only missed one sporting event of mine growing up.  It’s impressive that I remember that.  As for my mom, she was always there for me before and after school to talk to me about things going on in my life.  Being a working mom, I wanted my kids to know that I, too, would be there for them at all times even though I had a busy career.  So, after my first child was born, I decided that, because this life that we were given flies by too fast, I wanted to build a practice that I loved around the family life for which I strived.

Family values are very important to me and so is my faith, so here I am 15 years and 4 kids later writing this message to you to let you know that I would love the opportunity to work with you and/or your family to help you preserve your family’s wealth and values for the benefit of your family’s next generation and/or the charities that you love.

I love working with clients and getting to know them on a personal level.  In fact, after working with clients, they no longer are just clients of ours, but friends.  We have built lasting relationship with many of our clients, their children and their grandchildren.  We have assisted clients with the transition of their business to the next generation in a tax efficient, protected manner, as well as helped them through very difficult times in the administration of the estates or trusts of a loved one.

Estate and business succession planning is not an easy conversation to have, and I understand that.  Talking about your own demise is not something that people enjoy, and as a business owner, it is hard to discuss handing over the reins to someone else, but we hope to guide you through the process in a manner that is goal-oriented and understandable.  We have these discussions for our families and those we care about.  We do it to make sure that those businesses that we built to sustain our families and loved ones, as well as the loved ones of our employees, can continue on beyond our lifetimes.

“Success or failure in life is caused more by mental attitude than by mental capability.”  This is a quote by my dad taught my sisters and I to live by. He used to say that you could replace “life” with anything, like “school,” “work” or “basketball,” so why not replace it with “estate planning”?  A successful estate plan is one that is thought out and well-managed.  Let Sandin Law be there to help you and your family through the process.  Thank you.


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