Family Day

40% of Americans do not know what is in their parents' estate plan. We hope to change that.
Create a Plan ... Check!

Thank you for working with Sandin Law to create your thorough, comprehensive estate plan. While we are sure it didn’t feel easy, you now have the peace of mind knowing that your wishes are properly executed within your estate plan. You’ve made some very important decisions that will impact the future generations of your family!

Communicate Information to Your Family

Your family’s estate plan is now standing on a solid foundation. But where are you positioned from a practical standpoint? You now need to ask your self some important questions:

  • How do I properly explain the details of my plan?
  • Who does my plan impact?
  • How much information about my plan do I plan to share?

While it can be difficult to figure out where to begin these conversations, it’s important to make sure that everyone understands your wishes and intentions with your estate plan.

What is Family Day?

At Sandin Law, we encourage all of our estate planning clients to engage in a “Family Day”. The process involves bringing your entire family into our office for a 2-hour meeting with one of our attorneys.

The goal of the meeting is to explain in a clear and concise manner the details of your estate planning so that everyone is on the same page. It also gives family members an opportunity to ask important questions so they are fully aware of what you wish to accomplish.

In the meeting, your attorney will only share the information that you authorize us to share. For example, asset values can be kept confidential or shared openly, depending on your wishes.

Establishing a Plan

Establishing the goals for your estate plan as soon as possible with your family is one of the keys to keeping your family strong and connected. Especially, during the time at which your estate plan will come into play.  Your heirs will be less likely to have confrontations if you address these details now versus leaving it up to them to decipher when you are no longer there to explain your intentions.

Get Communication Started Today

If you would like to schedule your Family Day with Sandin Law, simply call our office or fill out our contact form. You will have the opportunity to visit with your attorney prior to the Family Day meeting to discuss any concerns that you have and what your specific goals are for the meeting.

Our office at Sandin Law is a great place for your family to meet, but if you’d prefer, we can also schedule a virtual meeting using Zoom, FaceTime, or another platform of your choice.

Take the proactive step of scheduling your Family Day now before illness or tragedy catches you off-guard. We look forward to working with you and meeting the rest of your family!